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Green Buildings

Our mission is to make your building more sustainable in the most effective way, optimising comfort & costs in the process 

Climetric combines highly accurate parametric analyses with a broad range of high tech, low tech and natural sustainability measures to compare the performances of thousands of different possible designs for your building, both new build and renovation! This allows us to simply filter down to the best performing design in terms of sustainability, comfort and costs. 
Why Climetric? what makes us unique?

Learn more about what makes Climetric unique and how this help you build or renovate a better building. 

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about our services

Learn more about how Climetric can help you optimise the performance of your building. 

Work done
by us

Get inspired and have a look at some of the projects we worked on. There is a lot to learn from each project!

Watch the video below for a better impression of our parametric design process and how we enable low-tech, sustainable systems. Do you want to play around with the parallelograph yourself, please go here

Our approach is geared towards finding the best performing design for your unique building and situation

By the Water
Factor in surroundings: We take into account the impact of shading from other buildings and trees 
Data Analyst
Exact impact: Calculate the impact of measures for each hour of the day, each day of the year
Mechanical Engineer's Sketch
Find synergies: Climetric models for sustainability measures that reinforce each other
Solar Panels
Broad range of sustainability measures: Combines a wide range of traditional, innovative and natural techniques
Optimises for comfort: Designs for optimal comfort in each room of your building
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