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In the initial design session, we look into what strategies are most promising for your building!


What is it? A design session and a short report with suggested strategies that are most promising your building.


How it works:

1. Upload your info.
Within 24 hours you will get a link for us where you can share your info. Information about the building; the design, the site, the function etc.
We will check if we need any additional information. Share with us what you have got; if it is early days and you've only got some sketches, share them, that works perfectly for us!


2. A workshop session.
If you are interested; via phone/skype /WhatsApp we will contact you to talk through your building in more detail and to test the practical possibilities of some strategies.


3. Your get your short report!
We get to work and produce your short report with suggested strategies for your building. This is a tailor-made report to suit your building. The report includes early-stage calculations to support the suggested strategies.

Free Design Consultation

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  • Not available on online shopping yet.  Please contact us at to schedule a session, or use the scheduling tool on our homepage.

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