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I want my building to be compliant with local building codes 

Accountant at Work
Whether you are building a new building or planning a substantial renovation, it is important to comply with local building codes. Climetric can help you achieve that in the most cost effective way. our streamlined process allows for rapid compliance testing. Through our years of industry experience we have developed an optimised approach that removes the burden for architects, project developers and building owners to assess compliance with local building codes. 
Building compliance assessments
Climetric supports with: 
The Netherlands:
  • BENG-certification
  • Daylight compliance (NEN-EN 17037_2018+A1_2022)
South Africa:
  • SANS XA compliance
  • LEED/BREEAM certification
Going beyond just compliance
Climetric has deep experience with thermal simulationscompleted for >200 projects. These thermal simulations are the basis for compliance validation and optimisation of building performance. 

Our streamlined process allows for seamless and rapid validation of building performance against different compliance thresholds. 

We deeply care about optimising comfort and sustainability performance of buildings and will leverage the compliance assessment to identify improvement areas at no additional costs. 

What Our Clients Say

Jelle Vastert, Residential renovation

A cohesive approach, featuring an impressive model yielding sensible results, led individuals who possess deep knowledge, pragmatism, and a genuine passion for their service. Additionally, we were highly satisfied with the attentive aftercare and the valuable connections provided to help bring the proposed solution to fruition.

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