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I want an app to configure
a building or building solution 

Want to make buildings more sustainable at scale? Climetric develops applications that allow users to optimise buildings and building solutions themselves. From the configuration of prefab buildings tailored to local climate, conditions and preferences, to the detailed engineering of building solutions, our applications put you or your customers in the driver seat.

Over the past years we have developed our analytical engine to optimise buildings and configure building solutions. We are now leveraging that analytical engine to create applications that can accelerate the sustainability of the built environment.    
Application types and objectives
The common thread between the applications we develop is that (parametric) solar and thermal simulations are at the core of the application. Through solar and thermal simulations we gain insight into energy efficiency, environmental footprint, comfort and costs. These insights can be used to facilitate decisions on how to optimise the building, but also on how to configure or engineer specific building solutions. Application types that can be developed on the back of our analytical engine:
  • Optimising the construction and climate installation of a building 
  • Determining the performance specifications of the climate installation for a building
  • Configuring a prefab building, tailored to local situations and preferences to improve building performance
  • Configuring a specific building solution to local conditions to ensure it meets performance thresholds
Example application: Rapid Prototyper
Climetric developed the Rapid Prototyper application specifically for architects. The objective of the Rapid Prototyper is to provide key insights into building performance in the early stages of the design phase. It is in this phase where geometry and mass can still be adjusted relatively easily. At the same time, insight into key building performance criteria is often lacking still.

The Rapid Prototyper solves this. It enables quick comparison of performances of alternative designs in terms of solar performance (e.g. façade heat stress and PV panel return), energy efficiency, comfort and daylight. 

Architects can upload their designs (using Revit, Archicad, Sketchup). The application then creates thermal models for each design and facilitates comparison on key performance indicators.

Getting insight into building performance so early in the design phase leads to material better design decisions, ultimately leading to better building performance, reducing the number of iterations and speeding up the design process.  
Programming Console

What Our Clients Say

Leon Winkes, Residential Renovation

Exceptional personal interaction, exceedingly friendly, and remarkably empathetic! Truly experts in insulation and modeling.

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