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Climetric Comfort reads #002


Our monthy-ish Inspiration - May 2021

This is Climetric's May inspiration; here we share interesting software tools, sustainable products, some of our innovations and inspiring projects!


BENG and improved comfort Council submission - April 2021 Maasdriel - the Netherlands We have got our first residential building BENG*-compliant! The design by Jasper Knoop has a BENG-challenging-double-story-South-East- orientated-fully-glazed facade overlooking the property. And we got it through with room to spare; a generic heat pump and minimal airtightness are used, giving the client more flexibility in system en design choices. We have used our parametric design process. As a result of this process, the number of days to be warm was reduced from 121 to 36 days. And the days that it would be hot from 21 to 5 days. All of this without using any cooling. Furthermore, by using detailed analysis, we could utilize the room height for stratification of the hot air in combination with a separate hot air extract fan which significantly improves the thermal comfort in the space. (*BENG is the mandatory Dutch energy calculation required for council submission)


MEASSUREMENTS Earth tube performance - April 2021 Hazendal Wine Estate, Stellenbosch, South Africa The owners at Hazendal Wine Estate constructed a car pavilion to house their collection of vintage cars. As it is an exhibition space for guests, the pavilion is fully glazed with highly transparent glazing. In a warm climate like Stellenbosch, this posed an interesting design challenge. Computer simulations indicated that the predicted indoor air temperature would regularly exceed 40°C. Climetric suggested a network of earth tubes, cast into the concrete slab of the building. Fresh air is then circulated through the earth tubes, and cooled using the stable ground temperature, before being introduced into the space through hidden floor grills. Temperature measurements taken in April indicated that the earth tubes cooled down the fresh air by as much as 7°C, maintaining a stable supply air temperature of around 24°C, keeping the space comfortable for transient visitors. Climetric plans to return to take measurements again in February, when even greater earth tube temperature reductions are anticipated.


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