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Climetric Comfort reads #003


Our monthy-ish Inspiration - November 2021

This is Climetric's November inspiration; here we share interesting software tools, sustainable products, some of our innovations and inspiring projects!


Our updated Climetric Portfolio Our Autumn 2021 update. Frome Cape Town to Groningen! We are happy to announce that we have updated our portfolio with a wide variety of new projects, ranging from schools to hotels! We neglected our portfolio for too long but finally completing this update was rewarding and super satisfying. The projects vary in size, ranging from 359 hectares of urban development in Botswana to a 92-meter-square monumental building in the Netherlands, but all have one thing in common, each project is sustainable and very comfortable. The typologies represented are very diverse, from event spaces to residential developments and museums, we believe that for every project we have something to offer. We hope that this portfolio will inspire you! We are really proud of our updated portfolio; so please take a moment and take a look yourself. Would you like to add your project to this Climetric Town? Don't hesitate to contact us!! Use this easy form, or send us an e-mail.


Volcanic Stone Building Blocks Antoon & Mia - ORIO Architects The Netherlands We love innovative construction materials and were excited to test KLB-blocks! KLB-blocks are made of pumice, porous volcanic stone, with cavities filled with thermal insulation. ORIO Architects introduced us to Antoon and Mia who were interested in the performance of the blocks for their new house in the Netherlands. Our dynamic simulation analysis showed that for the house's design, KLB blocks will outperform both hempcrete and timber frames. The KLB blocks have a good performance in all disciplines. They provide thermal storage, are well insulated, and give a comfortable thermal sensation. Their price is relatively low compared to hempcrete for a similar thermal performance. The initial investment for KLB blocks is a little higher than a timber frame, but they make for a better investment over the long term. In short, The KLB blocks are durable, environmentally friendly, and provide peace of mind for homeowners who want to make a sustainable investment. If you’re curious about the KLB blocks performance for your building or would like to test out an innovative construction material, feel free to let us know!


Detailed PV-model for optimisation Eco-residence - Skrein & Gass South Africa Do you want to get the best possible results from your PV installation? If so, it's essential to have a detailed understanding of your energy demand and potential PV supply. We can analyze and optimize a PV system to a level of detail that is not accessible to most PV-suppliers. The problem in South Africa is that there is no financial benefit in feeding electricity back into the grid, so you want to use and store as much of the solar energy as possible. Therefore, for an eco-residence in Hout Bay, the system will be set up that once the batteries are full, the underfloor heating and cooling system will go into overdrive to store energy in the buffer for later usage. We have created a model that is providing valuable insight into how energy storage devices (and their combinations) should be sized to increase PV system efficiency. By modelling how much energy a building uses every hour, including detailed underfloor heating usage from our building simulation, we can see how battery and buffer tank sizes influence efficiency. This will provide insight into the financial performance of different options, giving you a handle on how large your battery and thermal storage should be. If you are considering PV, get in touch with us, so we can discuss your project details! We will provide you with a clear picture of what size PV, battery, or buffer tank will best suit you, all without expensive trial and error. We offer a solar design that is unlike anything you have ever seen before. Get better performance and ROI from your PV systems. Get in contact with us, so we can go over this model in more detail!

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