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Opencover Air Hall

Updated: May 20, 2020

We assisted OpenCover in their process of making an Air Hall more sustainable; Parametric analysis of the Sustainable Concept By testing a range of options, we looked into the thermal performance of 3900 designs. Variables such as envelope compositions, floor insulation strategies, system setpoints and Earth Tube arrangements were regarded. Our study allowed OpenCover to select a cost-effective method which suited the design and environmental conditions of the Air Hall.

Dynamic performance simulations We compared the impact of various designs on the warming up, cooling down and energy consumption of the Air Hall.

Innovative insulation development By combining strategies and using innovative insulation materials, it was possible to provide lightweight, thin insulation solutions, suitable for the OpenCover Air Halls. Unique spaces thermal comfort An air hall is not a regular building. The materials used result in a different comfort experience. How to ensure the comfort in both summer and winter in a sustainable and energy-efficient way?


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