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Free sustainable concepts

In our free 30-minute design consultation, we share sustainable concepts applicable to your project. By providing the project location and design beforehand, we can ensure that you will get the most out of the session. We will consider:

> Local climate data > Building design > Building usage

Local climate data It is important to evaluate local climate data. Often, the available data from a nearby airport does not apply to your site. The influence of a city or mountain should not be underestimated. We strive to be as accurate as possible. From the analysis, we will know which design strategies work well for your local climate. Building design We aim to integrate sustainable strategies with your building design while keeping costs in mind. What opportunities does the building design give? Are there maybe non-conventional sustainable systems that will suit the designed spaces better? Can the integration of the system bring down the costs? Building usage A strategy that works well for a house might not work well for your office. You might have stricter dress-codes and a lot more computers heating the space. Or different desires regarding temperatures. We cherry pick the strategies that work best for your building usage.

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