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Parametric concept analysis

Updated: Jun 21, 2021


The Parametric Concept Analysis is a powerful process that Climetric has developed. It quickly gives you insight into both the technical and financial performance of thousands of design iterations. Specific for your building, in its local climate. The results are presented to project teams using an interactive graph; the impact of design choices (e.g. double or triple glazing?) is immediately clear.

Example parameters and variables can be;

  • What glazing do we use; single clear glazing, single tinted glazing, double glazing, double low-e glazing, triple glazing.

  • What is the best insulation thickness for the roof/wall/floor insulation; 20mm, 50mm, 100mm, etc.

  • Which hot water system would be most effective?

  • Is it worth to use; phase change materials {yes, no}, earth tubes {no, small, medium, large} and/or compost heap heating {no, small, medium, large}?

After an initial 30-minute session, we select the performance indicators that work best for your situation, e.g. investment costs, running costs, system size requirements, thermal comfort performance (too hot/too cold) etc. The number of variations can quickly add up and can easily run into the thousands of different designs. Therefore it’s important to narrow down the scope before we fire up our systems.

Each parameter has influence on the performance of the building as well the performance of other parameters. So it can be quite complex to find the perfect combination for your design.

Having all the results present enables us to switch on the spot, if it turns out that an initial chosen strategy for some reason doesn’t work for the design. During an interactive session, we narrow down all the options and get to the conclusions for your project.

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