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Sustainable site analysis

Before the building is designed in detail, it's worth to have a closer look at the immediate environment. With the sustainable site analysis, we consider the opportunities and risks by looking at the sun, wind and water conditions.

Solar analysis:

This process has two elements to it;

  1. What is the best location for solar panels and how much energy can we expect to harvest?

  2. By studying the performance of the façades and shading for the different seasons, we can highlight opportunities for improved comfort and reduced energy consumption for heating and cooling. E.g. is it beneficial to use sun for passive heating in winter but block out the sun in summer?

Wind analysis:

By having a closer look on the wind flow for your specific site, we can determine both sheltered and uncomfortable areas. Wind direction, the neighbouring environment and the building itself are taken into consideration.

Water management strategy:

Making the best use of every drop of water keeping in mind the location, building and budget of your site. We start by mapping the predicted water usage and rainfall data. After that, water supply and demand are stitched together which enables us to determine storage sizes while looking for recycling opportunities.

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