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Service products overview

Updated: May 20, 2020

Free Sustainable Concepts

Our free 30-minute design consultation. This is the starting point for every project. We will give you sustainable concepts based on the local climate and your design.

Sustainable Site Analysis

A higher-level analysis of the site. We analyse sun, wind and water. For example;

  • Sun; how is the area shaded? Where best to put solar panels?

  • Wind; what is the wind behaviour on your site? Will there be uncomfortable wind tunnels? Are outdoor spaces sheltered?

  • Water; what would be the best water management strategy for your project? What is the anticipated demand? Is it worth harvesting rain water, or recycling water for re-use?

Parametric Concept Analysis

We look at different variations and their impact on investment and running costs.

Example variables can be;

  • What kind of glazing?

  • What insulation thickness for the roof/wall/floor insulation?

  • Which hot water system would be best?

  • Is it worth to use; phase change materials, earth tubes and/or compost heap heating?

The number of variations can quickly add up, and can easily run into the thousands of different designs. Our systems are set up to efficiently process these numbers.

Your sustainable system

Once you know which concepts will work for your project; it is time to convert the idea into a detailed design that can be installed by your local contractor. We provide you with the details. To ensure successful installation, we double check product specifications before they will be installed and - if possible - we come to site at the critical construction stages.

Building Compliance

Do you need a building compliance report for mandatory energy calculations? Or do you need a report for BREEAM/LEED/Green Star?

Our tools are set up for these calculations, so we can efficiently assist you.


Tailored Sustainability

Sometimes we need more than our standard service products to fulfill your desires. In that case, we will create a tailored but cost-effective service that provide the answers you're looking for.

Services like R&D support, measurements, or comfort for unique spaces are not uncommon for us. It’s a wide range which we are not afraid to expand. So, let’s start the conversation.

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