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Tailored sustainability

Updated: May 20, 2020

If we need more than our standard service products, we will create a tailored service to fulfill your desires. We are not afraid to expand our offerings and find out how we can cost-effectively obtain the results you’re looking for. Some examples: Comfort for unique spaces Some spaces are so particular in their design, that standard simulation software won’t cut it. For instance: greenhouse restaurants/wedding venues, festival tents or an air hall. We have set up various tools that allow us to make these spaces comfortable. Design detailed thermal performance For some projects, you need to zoom in on certain performance details. How does the temperature change during a typical summer day? Until what time will heating be required on a sunny winter day? Or how long does it take in the morning to reheat the building to a comfortable temperature, if we switch off all climate control after office hours in autumn?

We dig into the results and find those details that will make a difference for you.

Measurements We do not only simulate what we do. When we get the opportunity, we also measure to validate the impact of our suggested strategies.

How well does a coating really perform? And does the cheap alternative also work? How did it influence the indoor temperature? Or, why does the heat pump use so much energy, and how can we change this?

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